Alkmaar, The Netherlands | Published on: May 9, 2012
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May 9 2012 marks the official launch of Cyso's new IaaS offering: Cyso Enterprise vCloud.
May 9 2012 marks the official launch of Cyso's new Infrastructure as a Service offering: Cyso Enterprise vCloud. This new service allows users to configure and manage platforms and applications from a flexible set of virtual resources in its own virtual datacenter. The new service uses Cyso’s high quality VMware vSphere Cloud infrastructure. The service offers a user-friendly web interface for setting up and managing servers, networks and security applications.

With the launch of the new offering, Cyso focuses on a new kind of service. The existing managed hosting activities are now expanded to include a self-managed service, where customers have complete control and responsibility over servers and applications. Although Cyso manages the underlying infrastructure of the platform and the network, it does not check on the customer’s systems itself.

An important and distinctive feature of Cyso's Enterprise vCloud service is the guaranteed reservation of resources. A frequently heard objection to public cloud services is disappointing performance. Cyso avoids this problem by directly allocating resources, rather than sharing the capacity within the Cloud platform. Therefore, the user has access to reserved resources at all times. All servers that customers define within their virtual data center also benefit from the high availability offered by the VMware vSphere platform. Combined with a platform that consists solely of enterprise hardware, this results in an availability that matches Cyso’s existing managed hosting services.

"Another advantage over such cloud offerings as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and other major international providers is the fact that our service is completely accommodated in Dutch datacenters," says Paul Bankert, Manager Business Development at Cyso. "Therefore, all information remains subject to Dutch law. For the privacy of business data it might be crucial, for example, that the U.S. government cannot seize sensitive corporate data. The organization retains ownership of its corporate data at all times."

The Enterprise vCloud service is built according to VMware’s open virtualization standards and therefore carries the hallmark of VMware vCloud Powered. An important advantage for users is that they can communicate with other environments with the same hallmark and easily migrate entire servers. Users are therefore never confronted with a provider lock-in.

The new virtual datacenter service is mainly aimed at the professional business segment. Because management should be performed by customers, it is particularly suitable for technically competent organizations such as software developers, who wish to use simple and flexible test, development and acceptance environments. More information on the new Enterprise vCloud offering can be found on Cyso’s website.

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Cyso is a managed hosting provider based in The Netherlands, focused on delivering technically innovative business internet solutions. Cyso provides services ranging from domain registration to fully managed platforms and applications. Cyso has been active on the internet market since 1997 and is an independent and financially sound organization. Cyso is based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

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